Friday, July 10, 2009

Most Anticipated Games of 2009

This year, there are a huge arsenal of games coming out. New Rock Bands, yet another Guitar Hero and Madden game. There are just tons of them. It was hard picking out the game I was most anticipated for. So here are mine:

Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare was easily the best shooter of 2007. The campaign was stellar, with haunting surroundings found in Chernobyl as well as many other things that truly left me in awe of the detail that was put into the game. The multiplayer however was what kept me coming back for more. Besides Gears of War 1, I had put more time into this game than I have before. Modern Warfare 2 should be one of the best titles of the year.

Bioshock, bioshock, bioshock, oh how I love thee? The sequel to the 2007 GOTY Bioshock is set to come out in November and boy am I ready. The original was single-handedly the most unique experience I have ever felt in a game before. The sounds, the environments, the enemies were so ingenious. No game surprised me more that year. Now Bioshock 2 comes this year with all new special features. The biggest one however is that we get to play as a big daddy. Now I know you're saying, "we got to play as a big daddy in the first one, what's the big deal?" In Bioshock 2 hoever, we get to use the drill (can I get a hell yeah!?). Oh boy, that drill will be fun :)

The Rock Band franchise has decided to take page out of Guitar Hero's book and adopt a game that focuses on one band. The Beatles: Rock Band comes sort of as a sequel to my favorite rhythm game ever, Rock Band 2. Knowing Harmonix, the game will be twice as good as RB2. I'm sure of it.

Ever since the release of The Dark Knight, us fans can not get enough Batman. Arkham Asylum looks to be the first big budget videogame adaptation of the Caped Crusader. With the appearance of the Joker and the brutal fighting, it's no wonder this game appears on my list.

There are my picks, what are yours?


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