Friday, August 15, 2008

Free Xbox Live Tutorial

Oh so you want to know how to get free Xbox Live? Well do ya? Read on then sir :)

I am here yet again to preach about my recent favorite site (Link) and their awesome program, because as of right now I have made over $75 from this website and I want you to at least give it a shot. It's risk-free and I will guarantee you will love it. Especially when you see your free Xbox Live code sitting in your email ;)

In a nutshell, just complete some random surveys and earn points. Free surveys are worth anywhere from 10 cents to a $1.50 EACH. Do ten of these and you will be right on your way to getting your free Xbox Live membership code. Plus once you get sick of doing offers, you can earn points another way: by referring other people. So what is this referring thing-a-ma-bob? Well, on the website you get a unique referral link and have your friends sign up under there. You have them do some surveys and you get 20% of whatever they make!

~~some Q&A~~
Well I signed up, but these surveys take so long! How can I speed them up?
Download Roboform. Just fill in your contact information and Right Click>Fill Forms. This fills in all the info for you!

This site seems like a huge scam. How do I know it's legit?
There have been hundreds of people who have received things from PrizeRebel and posted a testimonial. You can view them here.

What Can I Buy with these points?
Anything in the 'Prizes' section plus you can custom order ANYTHING off eBay or I recommend ordering an Amazon Gift Certificate, because you can buy anything you want off Amazon without having to wait!

Well Braden, have you received anything from From these GPT sites?
I have redeemed a $15 iTunes Card, 1600 Microsoft Points, and a $10 Amazon Gift Card (which I bought Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle with. (You can view my picture here)) I'm also hoping to get a 3 month Xbox Live Gold card next :)

What offers work? I don't want to waste my time on useless surveys if they don't credit!
Usually the ones on the first page work the fastest. For the BigBrandGiveaways, I recommend watching this tutorial.

Have some people actually earned 400 points for a PS3 or Xbox 360?!
Yes. A couple people have. There have been about 25 people who have made over $400 on this site plus about 4 members who have made over $1000.

Woah! How do people get that many points?
Some people complete 50-100 offers and earn about $100 from there. Other people refer people and make their money that way. Completing offers is a lot quicker but takes a little more work.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot! You don't even have to continue with it if you don't like it!



xboxlivegoldfree said...

Rewards1 is a good site. I have used it, but I had no referrals on it. It is really a great site, its just that I already have subscriptions to other sites where I have points. I can confirm that Rewards1 is legitimate.

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