Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Free Microsoft Points & Xbox Live

To get your free Microsoft Points, you need:

As a gamer, I crave the extra goodies in games. The new maps of Call of Duty or more DLC for Rock Band. The thing is though, us gamers have next to no extra money to spend on Microsoft points. Well I stumbled across this site. I immediately saw this and thought, "SCAM"! "No one gives stuff away for free" Now I've tried Gaming lagoon and all those sites but they were all garbage and not very user friendly. But being the bargain hunter I am, I had to give this site a shot. Within minutes, I noticed the difference between this site and all the others. It was so much easier to use and the free Microsoft Points I got for my Xbox were totally useful.

The idea is simple: You complete small 2-5 minute surveys. In return you receive points. You then use these points like money. Each point = $1. Within a week I had 20 points. I couldn't believe it. I got my free Microsoft Points with that and am working on my free Xbox Live at the moment. I encourage you guys to atleast try it out. And have fun with your free stuff!

Here are some hints and tips for making money quicker:
  • Create an alternate email account at www.gmail.com (or other sites) and write down the username and password somewhere. Some offers need an email confirmation to get credited.
  • Download Roboform! I HIGHLY recommend this, as it will save you a ton of time when filling out forms. www.roboform.com is the link. It is free, you can just use the demo version and it's just as good (don't pay for the full version unless you want to). It's a lot better than Google Autofill also.
  • When going through giant lists of Yes/No forms, just hold down Tab and press the left arrow key over and over to do it automatically. Be sure to say yes to at least one offer to make sure you're credited (I usually just do the newsletters)
  • After every offer, clear your cookies. Lots of these companies are linked together and if you have the same cookies you may not get credited. To clear cookies, click Tools and then click Clear Private Data (it may say Delete Browsing History), and check the cookies box and click OK.
Offers That credit quick: (Get your free Microsoft Points faster***)
Memolink Survey0.5
Hollywood Tans0.4
Burger King Vs Macdonalds1.1
Clorox Bleach Pen1.1
Free Halo Wars 0.4
Get a Game System1.25
Big Win - $1000 Gas Gift Card1.5
Entourage vs. Sex and the City1.5
BigWin: Economic Concerns0.9
Backyardigans vs. Spongebob0.5
Free Bic Soleil Shimmer0.4
Quiz Rocket - IQ Test0.5
M&M Peanut vs. Plain1.5
Wheel of Fortune vs. Jeopardy1.5
RSC: Target0.7

That's $15 already!

Proof it works and why:

This is just a clever marketing tactic that benefits you. You see, advertisers pay this website to put up their advertisements, and using that money they pay for your gifts (like microsoft points!) while still turning a profit for themselves. It's really logical and I don't see why people find it so hard to believe once explained thoroughly.

My Video Tutorial:


Anonymous said...

Do I need to use my real information for the offers?

Braden said...

Most people don't^^

Anonymous said...

whenever i use fake info it says that address does not exist

Anonymous said...

Find a real address to use ;]

Anonymous said...

@braden: wha? What do you mean dont most people dont use real information, but in your video, it says use real info otherwise you wont receive your prize.
what a big amount of time wasted.

Braden said...

At anonymous: What's your Email? We'll talk for real there.

Anonymous said...

can some 1 send me free points as proof to zomgninja47@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

any1 know how to create a fake phone number that will work for these surveys?

colinthecuzzy said...

it says not available in ur area when i did it

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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